Drum Kits

The Liberty Drums hand crafted kits are amongst the finest available. All hand made from raw timber in the UK to the highest standard. Each kit is special & unique which is consistent throughout all our ranges.


Snare Drums

A light whispery stick stroke to a thunderous crack, good resonance and response. Vintage classic tones, choices of timbers & veneers with attractive inviting finishes are all aspects you will find in a Liberty snare drum.



Liberty Drums are the official UK distributor of the Percussion Kinetics Vector pedal. The vector employs a patented Ortho-Kinetic system which solves the issues of contorted and unnatural siting positions.

Liberty Drums : Passionate about Making Drums

The Liberty Drums range of kits and snares have already received outstanding recognition across the entire range, for the build quality and sound production. We are extremely proud of our products and take great pleasure in crafting the finest acoustic drums and drum shells for our clients.