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Percussion Kinetics Vector G3 Review

image Percussion Kinetics Vector G3 review by MusicRadar rating: 4 stars We have to confess that we approached the Vector pedal with a degree of cynicism. Having spent quality time with it we believe that it offers a genuinely new angle in kit dynamics. Though it's not cheap, it could change the way you play - for the better - forever. UK distribution by Liberty Drums

Vector Pedal G3 - Percussion Kinetics meets Christopher Columbus

Liberty Drums are proud to announce a 1st. We are now the official distributors of the Percussion Kinetics G3 Vector Pedal. We started out using these pedals whilst demonstrating our drums and snares and liked & believed  in them so much, we had to get involved.

RECENT VECTOR PEDAL REVIEWS Percussion Kinetics meets Christopher Columbus



At NAMM Show 2014 we launched the new Liberty Drums Fusion Series kit. A stunning Black sparkle lacquer finish with shells that NAMM show users said sounded beautiful. Specs: 100% Finnish Birch cross-laminated shells. Black sparkle lacquer finish. Featured NAMM kit: 10×7 tom, 12x8 tom, 14×14 ft, 16×14 ft, 20x14 kick.

The Really, Really Big Christmas Show - Modern Drummer

Check out the following event write up the Liberty Drums artist has produced and written an article the Modern Drummer have published. Hello, MD readers! I wanted to tell you all about an upcoming show that I have been privileged to work on, an amazing production called “The Really, Really Big Christmas Show,” put on by Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX. It is a variety show with tons of musical acts, aerial-acrobatic displays, and one crazy drum routine of which I have been honored to write, arrange, produce, and direct. Click on the image for the full Modern Drummer story...

Liberty Drums - Avant Series drum kit

Liberty Drums Product Release

Avant Series

Small drums, BIG sound

Inspired by the Avant-Garde Jazz era which began way back in the 1950s with Artists such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane. Such music inspired innovative improvisation, which Liberty Drums have put a taste of these styles into what we call the Avant Series.


The 16x14” bass drum is 5ply (8mm), both 10x7” floating tom and 14x12” floor tom are 4ply (6mm). 45° bearing edges on all drums with slight outer. Liberty Chrome hardware including floating tom mounts and kick riser.


Each ply of...