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Liberty Drums - Full Kit Review: Maple Series | Emusic Advisor

I call this kit “ye olde faithful” due to the fact I’ve had it almost 5 years and it’s never let me down once. Read full kit review by Craig Chappelle - Emusic Advisor

The Black Page Interview

Recently I took out time with Sean from The Black Page to share whats going on inside the world of liberty. As part of the new look and feel of The Black Page, they have added a great new section to the site called Custom Corner with a focus on drum builders. READ THE FULL LIBERTY DRUMS FEATURE HERE

Liberty Drums in the Haynes - Drum Kit Manual

Now you can find Liberty Drums in the Haynes Manual, this book is available in February 2012. By: Paul Balmer The modern drum-kit has come a long way in the 110 years that have elapsed since it evolved in around 1901 in the bars and brothels of New Orleans - but the principles remain the same. The biggest improvement has been the introduction of better engineering and sturdier hardware - all of which needs constant maintenance. This latest addition to the expanding list of Haynes Manuals about musical instruments covers the subject in exhaustive detail with step-by-step instructions and...

Liberty Drums R-Series Drum Kit - Mike Dolbear

Review by Chris Dennis - Check out the full review here

Liberty Drums R-Series Drum Kit - Rhythm Magazine

  Thank you to Rhythm for doing a review on the R series. We have scanned in the actual magazine insert from the May & June 2011 edition of Rhythm for you to check out. Both editions have covered the R-Series kit. Also click the main cover page for the Online MusicRadar review.